Our District's Mission Statement:

District Plan on a Page
Dunlap Grade School's
Plan on a Page
Mrs. Pitzer's Plan on a Page
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That being said 2P is a quality classroom and we will be working as a class to set goals!
What is a Quality Teacher?
What are Quality Students?

Our 2nd Grade Team Mission:
(Mrs. Pitzer and Mrs. Zarko)
Our Classroom Mission Statement:

Our Ground Rules:

Our Current Goals:

*Dunlap Grade School's goal is to only have 20 conduct tickets a week.

Each child will have their very own data folder. In each folder will be our mission statement as well as their own individual mission statements. They will then set personal goals that will in turn help us meet our class goals. We will be learning how to graph our results and analayze the data in order to keep soaring UP! :) These will also be a fantastic tool for your child during student led conferences in the fall!